Welcome to Charlotte Creek Farm


Charlotte creek farm, home of Alladin Shih Tzu, is home to many different types of our four legged and feathered friends. Diane & Brielle have collectively over 40 years experience with livestock farming! Our vast experiences and knowledge extends to horses, miniature horses/donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, rabbits and much more.

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We feed top quality hay and grains and routinely de-worm our critters. They are all given fresh fruits, vegetables and treats several times weekly which make them quite happy and friendly! Our critters are used to livestock guardian dogs and adorable little two legged friends as well! We have a very competent veterinarian and farrier that we work with to insure the health and comfort of our beloved animals.

Both of our locations have ample fields and adequate housing for each and every animal.

Please feel free to peruse through our pictures and contact us if you have interest in a particular species or breed.


On a limited basis, we also offer to select homes the following little ones!